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Becoming a member of the Sacred Heart Parish Family

Welcome to our parish family!!  You are welcome to use the online form below to register at Sacred Heart Parish.  However, we would like to make the experience of joining our parish a personal one.   Please give our Parish Office a call at (845) 782-8510 to schedule a time to meet with our pastor or just simply drop-in!  If it's easier for you, you are welcome to send an email to to arrange for a visit.   May the Lord give you His peace!!

Sacred Heart Parish Registration Form


You may register as an individual (18 and over) or as a family. Registrant information is requested first, followed by spouse, chidden, and/or other household members. Please scroll to the bottom of the form when you are ready to submit the completed form. You will be contacted to confirm your registration and to arrange to visit with one of the priests or deacons of the parish. Thank you for taking the time to register! We are looking forward to meeting you.

I am registering as:
Please select one of the following. I am:

Please indicate which sacraments you have received

Please select the highest degree you have attained:
Please indicate whether you would be interested in volunteering at Sacred Heart Parish
Please select one of the following options regarding financial support of the parish. PLEASE NOTE that financial/monetary support of Sacred Heart (although much needed and appreciated) is NOT required for membership!!

Other Household Members

If you are registering as an individual, STOP HERE and skip to the SUBMIT button by scrolling down to the very bottom of this form. If there are other members of your household, please continue by filling out the sections that are applicable to you.

Section II: SPOUSE

Please indicate which sacraments you have received:

Interested in volunteering at Sacred Heart Parish

Section III: Children

Please remember that it is encouraged that children 18 and older should register separately.