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Religious Education



Parents are the natural educators of their children. By their vocation, they are the first officially charged with the spiritual care of their child's formation. We therefore believe that our role is to assist parents in this obligation by providing formal religious education for themselves and their children. We follow the Archdiocesan Guidelines for grades 1st-8th. 
All families must be registered and participating parishioners of Sacred Heart, regularly attend Mass, and taking part in the life of the parish community.  Children cannot be considered for the Sacraments unless they are attending Mass on a regular basis.

New Registration
All families with children entering our religious education program for the first time must register in person at the religious education office located in the Pastoral Center.  A registration form, which cannot be downloaded, will be provided. Your child’s Baptismal certificate must be submitted at the time of registration.

Every child presently enrolled in our program must be re-registered by a parent each year.  Families with a new child entering 1st grade should complete the “New Child” portion of the re-registration form and include a copy of his/her Baptismal certificate.  Please click here or on Re-Registration to the right of your screen if your child has already been enrolled in our program the previous year in order to download a re-registration form 
Please complete both pages of the re-registration form and drop it off at the Religious Education Office in the Pastoral Center or return it by mail postmarked no later than June 30th to avoid the higher tuition fees.  Registration forms should not be returned with the children. 



New-Registrants and Re-Registrants by June 30th:
Grades 1st-8th:  $130/1 child; $260/2 children; $355/family with 3 children; $395/family with 4 children.

Re-Registrants after June 30th:

Grades 1st-8th: $155/1 child; $285/2 children; $380/family with 3 children; $420/family with 4 children.

Please make checks payable to “Sacred Heart Religious Education.”  Full payment should be made at the time of registration.  Re-registration forms may be dropped off the Religious Education Office in the Pastoral Center or returned by mail postmarked no later than June 30, 2016 to avoid the $25.00 late fee. The tuition fee, which includes a non-refundable book fee of $40 per child, covers the expenses of running the program.  No refunds of the tuition portion of the fee will be made after October 31st
Financial Policy
No child will be withheld from our Religious Education Program because of a family’s inability to meet the required tuition payments as a result of financial hardship.  Notification of this inability must be given in writing at the time of registration.  If requested, a payment plan can be arranged. 
As members of Sacred Heart’s Parish Family, all have a responsibility to contribute to the support of the parish by using the weekly envelopes, automatic/online bill pay, or the Parish Pay Program. 

Religious Education Programs

1st - 8th Grade Program
Catechetical Instruction is offered to all children of our parish from 1st through 8th grade Monday through Thursday and Saturdays.  The afternoon sessions begin at 4:30pm and end at 6pm.  The evening sessions begin at 7pm and end at 8:30pm  Saturday classes are from 9:30am through 11am.  All classes are held in the school building unless noted otherwise. Please refer to the submenu to the right of your screen to see or download a copy of the schedule.  
"CHURCH" Family Program
This program is for parents who opt to teach their children at home.  It meets once a month; parents first meet with ta facilitator and children meet with a catechist for a classroom session.  A second session is sometimes scheduled mid-month, usually including an activity connected to the lessons.  During the month, parents teach the assigned lessons to their own child at home.   Parents participating are required to attend three parent education sessions on Sacraments, Morality, and Scripture.  (Limited to grades 3, 4, 5 & 6 as an alternative to the weekly program.)
G.I.F.T. Program (Growing In Faith Together)
Those baptized Catholics entering the 2nd or 3rd grade and coming for the first time to formal religious education classes begin Level 1 of a 2-year preparation for Reconciliation and First First Holy Communion.  They will come on Saturday morning.  Those entering Level 2 preparation will come on Tuesday afternoon.
Students who have been baptized, received First Eucharist and who later interrupted their religious education are given the opportunity to fill in the missing pieces in their faith formation so they can rejoin their peers on an equal footing.  Baptized students in middle/JHS who have not yet received First  Reconciliation and First Eucharist prepare for these Sacraments over a 2-year process.  They will come on Thursday evenings.  All students in the G.I.F.T. Program eventually enter/rejoin regular religious education classes.

Children’s Catechumenate Process
The Children’s Catechumenate, generally a 2-year process of faith formation and apprenticeship based on the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) as adapted for children of catechetical age, 3rd Grade and above, who are: (a) not baptized; (b) baptized and catechized in another faith tradition, but who seek full communion in the Catholic Church. Following this process, they enter the regular Religious Education Program.

Mornings Of Friendship & Prayer
This is a religion program for developmentally disabled adults. It meets once a month for prayer, Bible story, music and craft.
Special one-on-one sessions are scheduled for developmentally disabled children who cannot be mainstreamed.

Sacrament Programs
First Holy Communion requires 1 full year of Level 1 instruction, and a full year of level 2 instruction. Ongoing instruction after receiving the Sacrament is also required. Confirmation requires 2 full years of previous instruction. Confirmation will be received in the spring of the 8th grade. 

Family Catechesis/Enrichment
The Footsteps in Faith Committee provides family catechesis for the families of our parish. An invitation is extended to the entire parish to participate.  Events are scheduled around the Liturgical Year.  Each family is required by the Archdiocese and our program to attend a minimum of  5 hours of Family Catechesis each year.

Sacred Heart Association for Religious Education (Parent Association): This is an organization of parental support and  involvement in our religious education program. S.H.A.R.E. provides for the extra “enrichment” activities so necessary in a once-a-week program.  It is open to all parents of children enrolled in our program.  An invitation is extended to the entire parish to participate.